Hybrid and EV AC Service and Repair

There's nothing more uncomfortable than driving in the South Florida heat with an inoperable AC system. The first step with any vehicle whether its an ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) a Hybrid or an EV is  always to inspect your AC for any mechanical, electrical and/or pressure failures. Specific to Hybrid and EV systems oil used in conventional vehicles to detect leaks are hygroscopic which if used in a Hybrid or EV can lead to compressor failure or in the case of Hybrids with an electric compressor contamination of the system as a whole. Honda and Toyota have gone as far as to not recommend any dye be placed in the system.

To all Hybrid and EV owners or prospective owners please know that driving a Hybrid or EV in South Florida with a non-operational AC system will degrade your Hybrid or EV battery. Drivability performance and fuel economy can be affected because the battery pack gets too warm resulting in the boiling of electrolytes within the pack. Simply put, if you own a Hybrid or EV in South Florida it is imperative that your AC system is working otherwise your vehicle's battery will degrade. 

At Green's Garage our team is certified to properly service and repair your Hybrid and EV using diagnostic tools and service equipment tailor made for Hybrid and EV AC systems. If you're a Hybrid or EV owner don't run the risk of taking your vehicle to a shop that is not certified and simply wants to recharge the system without inspection. Schedule service at Green's Garage and let us provide you and your vehicle with exceptional service. 

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