Battery Service for Hybrid and EV


Technician Repairing a Hybrid battery

The scenario all Hybrid and EV owners dread is finding out that their Hybrid or EV battery is no longer repairable and must be replaced. Often times this means a costly repair with a Hybrid or EV battery on national back order. At Green's Garage we have a solution. 

1. Be Proactive: Before your Hybrid or EV battery fails, schedule a Hybrid/EV Battery Health Test and find exactly how much life your Hybrid or EV battery has left. 

2. Allow us to be your Advocate: If you've already been informed that your battery must be replaced by the dealer bring it to us. Depending on battery type we can rebuild your battery and extend the life of your Hybrid or EV battery. On average through our rebuilding process we're able to get our customer another 6 months of battery life on average. 

3. We're Certified Installers and We Can Program: If you're intent on keeping your Hybrid or EV and want to replace your battery we can install your Hybrid or EV battery and most importantly we can program your vehicle to recognize your new Hybrid or EV battery. 


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