My car is leaking engine oil, now what?

Noticing an oil spot under your vehicle is enough to make any car owner panic. Not only is there a repair that needs to be fixed, but your engine could be low on oil if enough has leaked out. In our experience we have found that the following brands are prone to have oil leak concerns under 100,000 miles: BMW/Mini, Jeep, Infiniti, Mercedes Benz and Land Rover.

Today, we are going to look at 7 common causes for a car leaking oil and what to look for as a sign of an oil leak.

7 Reasons Why Your Car Might Have An Oil Leak

Oil Pan Leak

Leaking oil coming from the bottom of your engine can often be tracked back down to a leaky oil pan gasket. The oil pan gasket seals the oil pan to the engine block and can cause an engine oil leak if damaged or installed incorrectly.

Valve Cover Gasket

The valve cover gasket on your engine seals the valve cover to the cylinder heads. Over time, these can degrade from old age or when coming into contact with other contaminants. A leaky valve cover gasket can be diagnosed by checking the perimeter of the valve covers for leaks. A burning smell is often a tell-tale sign of a leaking valve cover.

Crankshaft Seals

Your vehicle's engine is equipped with two crankshaft seals, a front, and a rear main seal. When these start to fail, they can start to leak oil out of them, causing oil to run down the front or back of your engine. A dealership can easily identify a leaking crankshaft seal by taking a closer look at the seal on a lift.

Oil Filter & Oil Drain Plug

When getting an oil change, your mechanic will remove your old oil filter, oil drain plug, and old engine oil. If these are not properly installed back on the engine or your dipstick is not installed, you can quickly find out that you have an oil leak. A mechanic can also check your oil level to help determine if you have an oil leak.

Camshaft Seals

The camshaft seal is another common area that a car's engine can start to leak oil. A small leak from the camshaft seal can be determined by oil on the rear of the engine below the valve cover. If you have a larger leak, smoke may start to come from your engine bay. 

Cylinder Head Gasket

A leaking head gasket can cause both an oil leak and a coolant leak. Since the gasket is shaped in a pattern to keep your oil and coolant from mixing, any leakage from the gasket can cause low oil with our without an external leak. 

Timing Cover Gasket

The timing cover on the front of your engine is a common area for oil to leak from as well. Since there are so many moving parts behind the timing cover, a number of issues can cause the gasket to fail and motor oil to leak. 

Oil Leak Repair Shop In Miami, Florida

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