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  • Our team is A.S.E. L3 Certified, the top national designation for Hybrid and EV repair. We're also certified for High Voltage, Advanced Vehicle Programming and Flashing.
  • Our commitment to our employees, clients and community is to provide exceptional service every time, no excuses.
  • You deserve to have your EV and Hybrid serviced by an A.S.E. L3 Certified Specialist. Keep in mind that even a service as common as an oil change can lead to your vehicle shutting off if not done properly.


EV & Hybrid Vehicle Services Repair
  • Hybrid and EV Regenerative Brake Services. Hybrid and EV regenerative brakes work with a non-conventional hydraulic system that utilizes an electric pump and high pressure storage tanks. Brake by Wire braking system are brakes that are applied without the driver's foot. These systems should only be serviced by a Hybrid certified specialist and in most cases require proper ADAS Calibration. At Green's Garage we always use OEM parts and our turn around time is same day depending on parts availability.
  • Cooling System, flushing the cooling system requires properly removing air through use of a scan tool to communicate bidirectionally with the auxiliary pump. If air gets locked in the system it can simulate the conditions of overheating and set off trouble codes. 
  • Steering and Suspension, Hybrid and EVs have similar steering and suspension components however they require proper system calibration. This is especially true for Tesla models as the weight of the battery with housing is in excess of 1,000 lbs and leads to stress on the front suspension. We're able to inspect, test and replace front suspension components on all Tesla models. 
  • A/C Recharge, Diagnostic & Repair including Prius Gen 1, Gen 2 and Gen 3. Hybrid systems require specific hydroscopic fluids to reduce unwanted conductivity. Use of improper fluids may damage your compressor.
  • Servicing and Replacing High Voltage Cables
  • Flashing and Software Updates
  • Internal Combustion Engine Maintenance and Repair
  • Advanced Diagnostics including Parasitic Draw Test, Voltage Drop Testing, Pressure Waveform Analysis, Volumetric Efficiency Testing, 5 Gas Analysis and more.
EV & Hybrid Vehicle Services Repair
  • We Rebuild and Recondition Hybrid and EV Batteries including Prius, Tesla, BMW, Chevrolet, Lexus, Toyota, Audi, Porsche and more.
  • Battery Cleaning Service to remove corrosion and promote conductivity to mitigate air and moisture to prevent a reduction in battery performance.

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