Hybrid Service and Repair

We service and repair all makes and models of Hybrid vehicles.  Our team is passionate about Hybrid technology and welcome any questions you may have about your Hybrid vehicle. 

Hybrid Battery Inspection and Replacement 

If the Hybrid warning light has come on in your vehicle the first step is to stop driving and schedule service. Addressing the concern as soon as possible often times can save you from further damaging the power electronics in your vehicle and mitigate any extra expenses. If you're experiencing a no start condition always remember that your Hybrid has a 12-volt battery that works to activate the high voltage system in your vehicle. If during the testing process we discover that you do need to replace your Hybrid battery we offer service and replacement options. 

Hybrid Engine Service and Repair

Hybrid vehicles still use an I.C.E. or internal combustion engine which runs on an Atkinson's cycle to allow for latent timing in turn allowing for greater fuel economy. The internal combustion engine of your Hybrid still requires service and follows the basic principles of engine management which is to say that you should anticipate regular maintenance including engine oil change with filter, throttle body service, replacing the engine air filter, replacing spark plugs and replacing the water pump. These are examples of regular engine maintenance based on mileage, condition based indicators and most importantly proper inspection by a certified technician. 

Hybrid Brake Service and Repair 

Hybrid regenerative brakes work with a non-conventional hydraulic system that utilizes an electric pump and high pressure storage tanks. Brake by Wire braking system are brakes that are applied without the driver's foot. These systems should only be serviced by a Hybrid certified specialist. At Green's Garage we always use OEM parts and our turn around time is same day depending on parts availability.

Hybrid Electrical and Communication Faults 

Different Hybrid manufacturers have their own designations and nomenclature to describe their electrical systems and networks however all Hybrid vehicles follow S.A.E. principles of network communication. Unlike a conventional vehicle, when your Hybrid is experiencing an electrical fault other seemingly unrelated systems can be adversely impacted. Failure due to high electrical resistance, network communication faults or a necessary software update can create intermittent electrical nightmares. Our team is experienced and certified in the electrical testing and repair of Hybrid vehicles and we use dealer level software for all programming and software updates. 



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