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Honda Service and Repair in Miami, FL

Are you to new to Miami and looking for an auto repair shop you can trust? Instead of endlessly searching for Honda service near me or Honda mechanic near me come visit Miami's highest rated and most trusted independent Honda specialist.

Our team of ASE certified technicians are trained and experienced in the service, maintenance and repair of all Honda models including vintage and Hybrid models. As always our first step is to perform a proper inspection of your Honda with photos/videos, notes and a repair estimate sent directly to your phone or email.

For many Honda vehicle owners, finding a reliable and trustworthy repair shop can be a stressful adventure. We are certain that once our customers receive the quality work we deliver and experience our service, they know they’ve found a repair shop home for life. Customer satisfaction is always our top priority which is why we have more 5-star reviews than any other Acura repair shop in Miami. 

Since 1957 we've specialized in Japanese auto repair and proudly service every Honda model including classic and Hybrid. Below we've listed our Honda services however we're in the business of problem solving so always feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns you have with your Honda and one of our customer service professionals will help find a solution for you. 

Certified Honda Repair

  • Advanced Honda Engine Testing and Honda Engine Repair including engine swaps and engine rebuild. 
  • Air Conditioning Testing and Repair
  • Honda Brake Service and Repair 
  • Honda Check Engine Light Testing
  • Pre-Purchase Inspection
  • Software Updates
  • Honda maintenance, same-day if we receive the vehicle by 11am 
  • Honda Suspension Repair 
  • Honda Vehicle Programming, we use Honda dealer software for all our programming and testing. 

Honda Service Near Me 

All Honda service and repair starts with a thorough inspection. We cross reference your vehicle's service history with the multi-point inspection performed by our certified technician. At Green's Garage we take every step to provide you with quality automotive repair. Below we've listed common Honda repairs and services we provide however if you're having any issue with your Honda give us a call today, our goal is total customer satisfaction.

Honda Brakes

We offer a full range of brake services covering everything from essential inspections to rotor replacements and more complex repairs like replacing seized calipers, brake lines, master cylinder and brake booster. If you are in or around Miami visit our knowledgeable staff at Green’s Garage for quality automotive repair today.

The braking system of your Honda uses a hydraulic system design wherein all four wheel have brakes with the front brakes assuming the majority of the stress during normal braking operation. The heat and humidity of South Florida coupled with start stop traffic is a fast track to brake pad degradation. Honda has a brake pad minimum thickness which we adhere to when inspecting your braking system. We recommend that South Florida driver’s visit our Honda repair shop every 6 months or 6,000 miles to have their brake pads measured and their brake system inspected.

Signs You Need Brake Repair

  • Your brake light coming on in your dashboard. This means your onboard diagnostics system has detected an irregularity in the brake system and requires professional attention.
  • You find a puddle of brake fluid underneath your vehicle or your brake fluid is below the minimum amount. Brake fluid is a non-consumable fluid and should always be at the proper level. Low brake fluid is a tell-tale sign of a brake fluid leak and must be inspected by a certified professional.
  • Unusual sounds emanating from your vehicle—especially screeching, squealing, or grinding noises that occur when you press down on the brake pedal.
  • Another sign of brake trouble is reduced responsiveness. Take note if you notice that it takes longer than usual to come to a complete stop or if it takes more force to engage the brakes to fully stop.
  • Additional symptoms deal with driving dynamics. For example, your vehicle may pull to one side when braking, bounce up and down when you come to a stop short, or wobble or vibrate.

Brake Inspection

For brake check, we use the latest technological equipment and quality parts to get the job done. We inspect all brake components such as pads, shoes, drums or rotors for wear and tear damage. Customer satisfaction is our priority and if we find any problems with your brakes, we will send an estimate with photos and videos directly to your phone or email for approval. We provide a 2 year / 24,000 mile warranty on all brake repair services. If your brake light is on and you need brake pads for your Honda Accord, Honda CR-V, Honda Pilot or Civic give us a call today so we can get your back on the road. 

Brake Pad Replacement

Brake pad replacement is a simple procedure in which we replace the brake pads that are currently fitted to your vehicle and install new ones. Brake pads can become worn down over time and lose their functionality if they become too thin. Brake pads can become diminished and lose their functionality if you do not replace them. This is because the brakes will become too thin to stop your vehicle properly and can end up causing damage to components associated with your brakes, such as brake rotors and brake calipers. Your ability to decelerate will become hindered, putting you and others in dangerous situations on the road.

Brake Rotor Replacement

If your car or truck is equipped with disc brakes, the rotors are likely to wear out over time. They can warp and start making noise if not checked regularly. If you notice any symptoms of warped brake rotor such as pulsating when braking, bring it in for a complimentary brake pad inspection at Green's Garage. 

Additional Brake Repair Services

  • Brake Caliper Replacement
  • Brake Line Replacement
  • Brake Boost and Master Cylinder Replacement
  • Electric Parking Brake Repair 

Honda Check Engine Light

Is your check engine light on or flashing? Ignoring a check engine light can become expensive and compromise safety for both you and your passengers. A check engine light that is flashing, signals a problem requiring urgent action. When this warning light appears, a diagnosis of your engine, from Green’s Garage with qualified technicians becomes a necessity. Our team of certified technicians will diagnose your engine problems and detect problems early so that minor problems never become major problems.

A properly running engine is the life of your Honda. Your safety can depend upon whether or not the engine is performing at peak capacity. When the engine of your vehicle is operating as it should, both you and your passengers can remain on the road with confidence and peace of mind. However, maintaining a vehicle with an efficiently running engine does not happen by chance. Keeping the engine of your vehicle in top running condition is, directly, related to the timing and the quality of the service that your chosen auto repair shop provides.

Rough idling: If your vehicle is experiencing rough idling, you are, probably, aware of a shaking sensation, you are, possibly, noticing weird sounds, or the RPM counts are inconsistent for your vehicle and are rising or falling, you should obtain an engine diagnostic test as soon as possible.

Slow-cranking: Slow-cranking requires an engine diagnostic service to identify the specific cause. This requires immediate attention from experienced auto technicians.

Stalling: Stalling of an engine can be caused by various reasons. It is important to get an Engine Diagnostics and Performance evaluation completed as quickly as possible. Choosing the right auto repair shop can save you time and money.

Experiencing knocking or Pinging: If your vehicle is experiencing knocking or Pinging, this can be very dangerous to various interior parts of your vehicle’s engine and can result in very costly repairs. Getting your vehicle to skilled auto mechanics, immediately, is crucial.

Engine tune-up:  An Engine tune-up is a necessary aspect of preventive maintenance that is necessary to maintain the life of your vehicle. A well-maintained engine means vehicle safety and efficiency. It, also, means avoiding future costly repairs for your vehicle’s engine.

Honda Maintenance

Honda 30,000 Mile Inspection and Service

The 30k mile inspection offers us a chance to see how the standard systems of your vehicle are performing. This is the first major checkup you should have done to ensure your vehicle is performing as it should over time.

  • Engine oil and filter change
  • Replace engine air filter and cabin air filter
  • Verify proper tire pressure including spare tire
  • Inspect tire condition and wear patterns
  • Rotate and balance tires when applicable
  • Brake inspection: includes inspection of all lines, hoses, pads, rotors & calipers, and the inspection of the parking brake operation
  • Replace brake fluid
  • Inspect steering and suspension: cv axle shaft, cv boots, ball joints, wheel bearing, and power steering components
  • Check condition and level of all fluids
  • Test battery as well as starting and charging system
  • Visually inspect belts and hoses
  • Inspect wiper blade condition and replace if necessary
  • Inspect operation of all lights and horn
  • Test and replace keyless entry/smart key batteries
  • Check for software updates in vehicle modules

Honda 60,000 Mile Inspection and Service

The 60k mile checkup is an important one. At 60k, the vehicle’s major systems have been used enough to reveal any major wear issues. The 60k service includes all of the 30k services, plus the following depending upon your vehicle make and model.

  • Engine cooling system service
  • Spark plugs inspected and replaced per owner’s manual specifications
  • Fuel systems service – engine de-carbonization
  • Power steering fluid service
  • Replace fuel filter – when applicable
  • Check HVAC operation

Honda 90,000 Mile Inspection and Service

The 90k mile service is the final of the three and may be the most important. This service is critical and helps us determine how well the vehicle has aged. How a vehicle ages can help us estimate how much life or use the vehicle has left. At 90,000 miles, we examine all major systems. We inspect the engine, drive train, air conditioning system, steering, electrical and braking systems. In short, we take a look at the total driving quality of the vehicle. The 90k service includes all of the 30k services, plus the following depending on your vehicle make and model.

  •   Replace engine drive belt or belts
  •   Replace differential fluids – when applicable
  •   Replace transfer case fluid – when applicable
  •   Inspect and replace timing belt – when applicable

The above service recommendations are general in nature. Some will apply and others may not; it’s entirely dependent upon many outside factors, like the makeup of the terrain or the condition of the climate you drive in. The above lists are our recommendations and are not always applicable to every situation. Driving habits, conditions, and manufacturer fluid specifications are all examples of variables that come into play when discussing your vehicle’s maintenance schedule.

When you notice your Honda is in need of maintenance, or you have experienced some damage and need a repair, bring it to Green's Garage your trusted Honda repair shop. We have an experienced team of certified technicians who are well versed in repairing and servicing Honda models. We understand that automotive repair can be disruptive which is why we offer all our Honda customers a free Uber/Lyft from our shop to your home or workplace.

Green's Garage has been serving Miami, Coral Gables and Miami Beach since 1957 and our customer forward approach centered on customer satisfaction is why we are Miami's premiere Honda repair shop. If you're looking for trustworthy and certified Honda repair schedule an appointment online today.


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