Diagnostic and Advanced Electrical Testing

Testing is always performed with scan tools equipped with factory software allowing our technicians the same access as the dealer technician. Our process is to first verify and replicate your concern and then create a plan of action. Here are some common concerns we've encountered and repaired for our customers.

  • No Crank / No Start with a functioning 12v battery system
  • Isolation fault leading to a loss of propulsion 
  • Loss of acceleration and reduced fuel economy 
  • Specific to EV and PHEV: Vehicle is not charging properly or all the way 
  • Check Hybrid System Warning
  • Noise Vehicle Concerns for both Hybrid and EV including Tesla 
  • Hybrid Overheating 
  • Hybrid fluid leaks including engine oil, brake fluid, engine coolant, power electronic coolant and transmission fluid
  • Hybrid Drive System Malfunction Light
  • Hybrid Transmission slipping/cutting

Hybrids and EVs have integrated systems meaning that if one system is degraded or malfunctioning then the other vehicle systems will compensate thereby creating more stress on the vehicle as a whole. If you're experiencing any concerns with your Hybrid or EV give us a call today, 305-575-2389, or schedule a service appointment online. 


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