Audi Engine Repair

Audi Engine Repair 

Variable valve timing whereby the timing of the valve lift event is manipulated is found in Audi-Volkswagen engines with the purpose of improving performance while reducing emissions and fuel economy. Our certified Audi engine repair specialists have noticed that timing chains tend to become compromised at 120,000 miles.

Timing chains work within precise specifications to allow crankshafts and camshaft to rotate in the proper sequence. Audi models are notorious for requiring timing chain replacement however before we recommend any repair involving timing components, especially on 2.0L engines, we always inspect the following common points of failure.

Bearing Bridge, this cover made of die-cast aluminum provides oil to the camshaft and crankshaft adjuster however we've found that there is a fine mesh screen that tends to break. A broken screen allows particles to travel up the oil tube and get stuck in the phaser and/or adjuster setting off timing codes. When we find that the screen is broken we always search for any broken pieces and it is recommended to replace the bearing bridge entirely. 

Camshaft Lock Pin, regular engine maintenance including engine oil and filter replacement is vital to ensuring that sludge does not build up in dead end passages. Sludge buildup can lead to the camshaft lock being stuck in the advanced position leading to timing faults. 

Electromagnetic Pin connected to the camshaft adjustment valve which shoots out and push the rod allowing for oil pressure has been known to fail. Keep in mind if there is inadequate oil pressure there will not be enough force to move the adjusters.

Our first step when evaluating timing for an Audi is to perform a visual inspection then reference the camshaft adjustment to compare the actual and specific camshaft adjustment angle to check for any disparity. We use Audi specific software to check for any timing codes and reference any current DTCs. For more advanced engine repairs we then perform a pressure waveform analysis to record a complete timing adjustment event. 

Our ASE Certified team understands the delicate and precise of working on Audi engines and properly testing and replacing timing and timing components. If your vehicle is vibrating or shaking from under the hood, if you have a flashing check engine light, rattling during start up or idling call Green's Garage at (305)444-8881 and let one of our certified Audi specialists assist you. Avoid engine failure and if you do have a timing chain failure rest assured we are Miami's Audi repair and Audi service experts. 

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