EV Maintenance

Electric Vehicles, or EV, have become increasingly popular over the past decade. While the concept is nothing new, the increase in demand is quickly rising with increasing gas prices, a cleaner running vehicle, and performance offered by sportier EVs. In order to keep your EV running for years to come, you will need to keep up with proper maintenance. Today, we are going to look at common maintenance services for electric vehicles. 

Do EVs Require Special Servicing Procedures?

Compared to internal combustion engines, an EV has a more simplistic powertrain, requiring less maintenance. However, just because it requires less maintenance, does not mean it is going to be cheaper when it comes to maintenance costs. Replacing battery packs or electric motors can be expensive and will require specialized mechanics to get the job done. Its not as simple as an oil change or air filter replacement. Luckily, EV automakers have designed these components to last for 10+ years and equip them with some of the best warranties in the automotive industry.

What About The Routine Maintenance Procedures Of A Typical EV? 

Brakes: Most EVs are equipped with regenerative braking functions. This means that the vehicle will rely on the electric motor's resistance to help slow the EV down, similar to engine-braking in gas-powered vehicles). With these brakes, an EV will still have friction-style brakes which will need to be replaced later down the road.

Powertrain: Depending on the vehicle, the transmission in your EV may require a fluid change. Check your owner's manual to see what the manufacturer's recommendation is on servicing the powertrain of your specific EV.

Cooling: With a large number of electrical components in an EV, most are going to use coolant or refrigerant to cool the charger, inverter, and battery pack. Consult your owner's manual to find out how your cooling system needs to be serviced.

Tires: Just like gas-fueled engines, EVs are going to require tire rotations every 5,000 to 10,000 miles. There is very little difference between tires in electric cars and gas-fed cars.

What's The Best Way To Prolong The Life Of An EV's Battery Pack?

Much like an engine in a gas-fed vehicle, your EV's battery pack should be maintained to offer a prolonged life. use these tips below to keep your EV lasting for years to come:

Avoid Extreme Temperatures: Both extreme heat and extremely cold temperatures can cause an EV's battery pack to degrade quicker. If you live in a climate where there may be an issue, discuss with your mechanic how to keep your battery safer in these types of climates.

Charge Efficiently: Charging an EV to full capacity and running it out of charge risk degrading its battery pack. Fortunately, many EV manufacturers prevent full capacity charging in order to limit battery degradation. 

Don't Use Fast Chargers Frequently: Quick-charging "Fast Chargers" degrade battery packs more quickly than typical, slower charging methods such as a Level 2 charger.

EV Car Maintenance In Miami, Florida

If your EV vehicle needs to be maintained Green's Garage can help keep it properly maintained. Since 1957, our team has provided honest and reliable auto repair, maintenance, and quick lube services to the greater Miami area. Green's Garage provides high-quality work with fast turnaround times to keep your vehicle running smoothly. To get a free in-person estimate for your Tesla, BMW i3, BMW i8, Toyota Prius fill out our online appointment form.


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