How and Why do Hybrid Batteries Go Bad?

Owning a hybrid vehicle comes with many advantages, such as not having to pay as much for fuel. With hybrids running on battery packs, one of the most popular questions revolving around hybrid vehicles is how and why do hybrid batteries go bad. Today, we are going to look at what affects the life of a hybrid battery and what the symptoms of a dying battery in a hybrid car.

What Affects A Hybrid Battery's Life?

Just like any component of your vehicle, there are going to be many factors that will determine how long your hybrid battery lasts. Factors such as driving habits, maintenance schedules, how you charge your battery, and the climate you live in can affect your battery life.

As a car owner, keeping up with your car's maintenance is going to be essential to keeping your vehicle running smoothly for years to come. In a hybrid vehicle, such as a Toyota Prius, the gas engine and electric motor will rely on each other to keep our vehicle running at peak performance. When having your hybrid vehicle serviced, whether under warranty or not, you should have your hybrid car battery tested as well. Identifying weak battery cells early can help keep your battery running longer.

One of the best ways to keep your hybrid vehicle running at its best is to develop a good charging routine. To get the most out of your hybrid battery pack, you will want to closely follow the manufacturer's charging guidelines. As a rule of thumb, you will want to make sure not to let your batter full run down and to charge it fully when it is low on charge. You will want to avoid frequently charging your battery to top it off as well as avoiding driving on a very low charge.

Climate is also a big factor in hybrid battery lifespan. A new battery can fail quicker in areas with extreme temperatures. This is similar to why non-hybrid owners experience a dead battery in the winter. If you notice that your battery fails frequently to the point of having to have multiple battery replacements, you may talk to your dealer about an auxiliary fan to keep your battery cool.

What Are The Symptoms Of A Dying Hybrid Battery?

  • Poor Fuel Economy. One symptom of a dying hybrid battery is a reduction in gas mileage. If your battery is having to work harder to keep up, your performance and gas mileage could suffer.
  • Battery Dies Quicky. If you notice that your battery is dying quicker than usual, have it inspected at your local dealership as one or more of the individual cells could be damaged.
  • Electrical Problems. Problems with your electrical systems and components are one of the most common symptoms of a dying hybrid battery. 
  • Bad Performance When Driving. On most hybrid vehicles, specifically Honda and Toyota, the hybrid battery powers the drive wheels. If the battery performance is deteriorating, so will driving performance.

Hybrid Car Battery Replacement In Miami, Florida

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