Prius Maintenance

The Toyota Prius changed the way consumers looked at hybrid vehicles and started a movement that has yet to slow down. Unlike regular vehicles, hybrid vehicles are going to need different maintenance procedures to ensure the battery packs are correctly maintained. Today, we are going to look at the average maintenance schedule of a Toyota Prius.

Toyota Prius Maintenance Schedule Miles Vs Months

As with any manufacturer, Toyota recommends maintenance work schedules in miles and months. For example, most services are completed every 5,000 miles or 6 months, whichever occurs first. If you happen to drive constantly and hit the 5,000-mile mark in two months, you will need to come in for service. If your vehicle sits longer than average and you hit the 6-month mark in 2,000 miles, you will still need to have it serviced. For Toyota Prius owners, you will need to keep an eye on the miles and the calendar to determine when you need to head to the dealership for an oil change and other routine services.

Let's take a look at an average maintenance schedule for the Prius.

5,000 Miles/6 Months & 10,000 Miles/12 Months

  • Check installation of driver’s floor mat.
  • Inspect and adjust all fluid levels.
  • Inspect the wiper blades.
  • Rotate the tires.
  • Visually inspect brake linings/drums and brake pads/discs.

After 10,000 miles or 12 months, you’ll want to get the same work mentioned above completed, along with replacing the engine oil and oil filter.

15,000 Miles or 18 Months

The 15,000-mile check will follow the same format at the 5,000-mile one. However, you’ll also want to get the following inspected:

  • Ball joints and dust covers
  • Brake lines and hoses
  • Cabin air filter
  • Drive shaft boots
  • Engine/inverter coolant
  • Exhaust pipes and mountings
  • Radiator, condenser, and/or intercooler
  • Steering gear
  • Steering linkage and boots

30,000 Miles or 36 Months

The 30,000-mile check will follow the same format as the 10,000-mile check, but you will want to replace the cabin air filter and engine air filter at this time. You will also want to get the same items inspected as with the 15,000-mile check, along with the following:

  • Automatic transmission for signs of leakage
  • Fuel lines and connections, fuel tank band, and fuel tank vapor vent system hoses
  • Fuel tank cap gasket

100,000 Miles/120 Months & 120,000 Miles/144 Months

Continue on with the same maintenance schedule until you hit the 100,000 miles or 10-year mark. At this time, you will want to replace the engine/inverter coolant.

At the 120,000 miles or 12-year mark, you will continue with the same maintenance schedule but will need to replace the spark plugs at this point.

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