Toyota VSC Light

Toyota VSC Light

As certified Toyota mechanics we always want to keep our customers, new and old, informed of warning lights they may encounter. The VSC light or Vehicle Stability Control is a safety feature that allows your Toyota to maintain traction and control by reducing power sent to up to three wheels. The system is in place to optimize safety, prevent run-off road crashes and mitigate conditions that may lead to single-vehicle accidents or rollovers. 

Before giving us a call here is a step-by-step to verify if your VSC light is engaged. The button is located either by your steering wheel or by your shifter (depending on the model year of your Toyota) and has the same icon as the light on the dash. Upon locating the button, make sure you are completely stopped and put the vehicle in park. Press and hold the VSC button for 5 seconds. The TRAC off and VSC off indicator will illuminate, both systems are now disengaged. Wait 5 seconds then press the VSC button again and if both lights turn off the systems are now reengaged. 

In the event that the VSC light remains off or if you're losing traction, your ABS light is also illuminated and you have loss of engine power give us a call to schedule an inspection and allow our ASE certified technicians to test your Toyota to ensure that your vehicle is safe to drive.

Keep in mind that your VSC system allows your vehicle to compensate for emergency cornering, under steering and any forms of skids and your Toyota relies on your VSC system in adverse weather conditions, especially rain. Toyota VSC repair is just another or the many services we offer our customers.

Since 1957, Green's Garage has been Miami's most trusted Toyota specialist. If you're experiencing any of the concerns listed above schedule an inspection today to ensure that the traction control system on your Toyota or Lexus is fully operational.


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