What is an Engine Mount and why does it fail?

What is an Engine Mount? 

An engine mount, also known as a motor mount, is a component used in vehicles to secure the engine to the chassis or sub-frame. It is typically made of metal and rubber or a combination of these materials. Engine mounts play a crucial role in supporting the engine, reducing vibrations, and isolating it from the rest of the vehicle's structure.

What does an engine mount do? 

The primary purpose of engine mounts is to provide a stable and secure mounting point for the engine while minimizing the transmission of engine vibrations and noise to the passenger compartment. They help absorb and dampen the vibrations and shocks generated by the engine during operation. Engine mounts also help maintain proper alignment of the engine, ensuring that it remains in its designated position within the engine bay.

Signs of a damaged engine mount

If an engine mount fails or becomes damaged, several issues can arise. Firstly, there may be an increase in engine vibrations, resulting in an uncomfortable driving experience and potentially causing other components to wear out more quickly. Secondly, there can be excessive movement of the engine, leading to misalignment and potential damage to other engine-related components, such as the exhaust system, cooling system, or drivetrain. In severe cases, a failed engine mount can cause the engine to come into contact with other parts of the vehicle, resulting in costly damage.

Engine mounts can break or fail due to several reasons. The most common cause is wear and tear over time. The constant exposure to engine heat, mechanical stress, and vibrations can degrade the rubber portion of the mount, leading to cracks, tears, or complete failure. Environmental factors such as extreme temperatures, oil or fluid leaks, or exposure to chemicals can also contribute to the deterioration of engine mounts. Additionally, accidents or collisions can cause sudden damage to the mounts, resulting in failure.

What to do if I have engine vibration
Regular maintenance and inspections can help identify and address engine mount issues before they cause significant problems. If you suspect a problem with your engine mounts, such as increased vibrations or unusual noises, it is advisable to have them inspected and replaced if necessary by a qualified mechanic. At Green's Garage our certified technician can replace engine mounts on all makes and models including Hybrid and EV brands. Schedule an inspection today to protect your engine from damage. 305-575-2389. 
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