I have been taking my car to Green's Garage since I came to Miami in 2007. Since it's a 1993 Corolla it's been in the shop quite a bit over the past few years and I don't ever feel like Junior has taken advantage of my lack of mechanical knowledge or my credit card. On top of the more than fair price, my car has NEVER been in the shop longer than 2 days. To me, this is essential. Additionally, now that I'm replacing the car, Junior has said he'll look at any potential replacement for free and also buy my old car off of me if I don't trade it in. What more can I ask for? Can't think of anything! To starter fiasco guy - the starter can go for a lot of reasons. I've replaced mine several times as well. Not every 6 months, but once was only a year apart due to a bad battery. So, if you're not sure what's going on then you may as well trust your mechanic - probably knows more than you! FYI: If you're affiliated with UM let them know!!

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